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We offer ponds and water gardens of various sizes and price ranges here at Cove Landscaping Center. It is our goal to provide you with the pond that meets your landscape's needs, with service that will leave you smiling! We offer the best prices on the highest quality ponds in the area. Each of the ponds below can be purchased as shown or customized. If you are the jack-of-all-trades type, you can buy the supplies and build your pond yourself, or we can install it for you. Call us and we would be happy to give you a free estimate on your ponds installation!
Below is a descripiton of the ponds, along with the dimensions and pricing. If you have any questions about the ponds, call us at (814) 793-4099. 


The Basalt 3 Fountain is perfect for anyone looking for something that can become the centerpiece of their landscape. The fountain features decorative basalt stone fountain pieces and small LED Egg lights that give the stones a glowing appearance. The fountain can be custom built by you to include more fountains and more lights, and also can be either in ground or above ground. We can come out and install your fountain, or you can buy just the kit and install it yourself. The Basalt 3 fountain is on dispay in the showroom here at CLC, so if you are interested, come visit us and see the fountain for yourself. If you have any questions, call us!

In Ground Kit: $2,114.46
Installed: $2,614.00
Above Ground Kit: $2,414.46
Installed: $2,914.00


We offer three sizes of ponds that vary in water capacity and features. The three sizes are 8' x 11' with a 1,000 gallon capacity, 11' x 16' with a 2,000 gallon capacity, and a 16' x 21' with 3,800 gallon capacity. All three include a stream and two waterfalls, and can be customized to include a second stream, a bog, an in-pond planting area, aeration system, and fountains. The kits include necessary stone and mulch products and a choice of floating plants and water lilies. Lighting is included, and an upgraded lighting system can be purchased.
If you are interested in buying a pond kit or having a pond installed, call us with your questions. We would be thrilled to come out and give you an estimate on your pond site.
8' x 11' Kit: $2,441.16
Installed: $4,616.16
11' x 16' Kit: $3,324.36
Installed: $6,399.00
16' x 21' Kit: $5,746.75
Installed: $9,846.75

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