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Guard and protect your surfaces with Columbia heavy-duty paint and coating systems. These proven systems are tough, reliable, and built to last. Unlike ordinary brands, Columbia exterior paints can take a beating year after year and still maintain their rich and handsome finish. They form a tough, yet flexible film that bonds to virtually any surface-wood, metal, masonry, galvanized. Using a durable, high quality paint is the most economical way to maintain a surface.

Columbia Paints

Columbia Acro-Plex House Paint
High quality, long lasting latex paint.
Uses include: wood, block, cement,
and aluminum siding.
(Available in White, Quaker Gray,
and Indian Red)
Columbia Zinc Paint
A high quality zinc-based paint for
use in grain bins, grain legs,
downspouts, metal siding and roofs
(Available in Red, Quaker Gray, Ultra
White and Dust)

Barn Painted with Columbia Acro Plex Red Paint

Columbia Metal Latex Paints
A 100% acyrlic emulsionrust inhibiting
product made from the finest raw
materials. Ideal for the protection of
previously primed or painted metal
surfaces. (Available in White, Indian
Red,Morton White, Quaker Gray, Tan,
Black, and Green)
Columbia Metal Latex Primer
A latex primer for preparing metal
surfaces prior to applying a top coat.
Uses include metal siding and metal

Building After Using Indian Red Columbia Metal Latex Paint

Columbia Roofing Products

Columbia Sterling Aluminum Fibre Coating
A fiber enhancing asphalt based aluminum roof coating.
Guaranteed to prevent rusting for 6 years. Uses include metal roofing, siding, rubber, concrete roofs, grain bins, legs and downspouts, concrete silos, and slate.

Before Applying Columbia Aluminum Fibre Coating

After Applying Columbia Aluminum Fibre Coating

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