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Syntho Lube
A superior multi-purpose grease.
A red 12 hydroxy lithium grease fortified
with extra tacifying synthetic polymers
and stronger anti-wear additives
for staying power.
Mega Moly
A gray, tacky, multi-purpose grease
with 30,000 ppm Molybdenum Disulfide
which excels under sliding action
found in construction equipment.

Double Duty
A green, tacky, Lithium complex
grease. For high temperature
use in heavy equipment and
passenger vehicles.
Moly HD
A gray, buttery, multi-purpose,
12 Hydroxy Lithium grease fortified with
Molybdenum Disulfide. Excellent cold
weather pumpability.

Aqua Lube
A black, multi-purpose, 12 Hydroxy
Lithium grease fortified with unique
synthetic polymers that give it
unparelleled perfomance in the
presence of water.
Winter Syntho
A cold weather, Lithium
Complex version of Syntho Lube
with outstanding cold temperature

Fuel Additives

Super Diesel Klenz
Our best selling diesel additive.
Recommended particularly for
seasonal equipment and where there
are on-site storage tanks.
Treats 1:200. 
The best fuel saving performance
enhancer for gasoline engines.
Treats 1:200.

Power Flo Klenz
Fuel saving diesel additive for
truckers and others where the
fuel is used quickly after purchase.
Treats 1:400
Atomic Powered
A fuel saving additive for winter
use by fuel distributors.
Treats 1:1000

Concentrated non-anti-gel version
of Power Flo to save fuel for
 truckers and fuel distributors.
Treats 1:1000

Special Products

George II
A surfactant for herbicide mixes,
dairy foot baths, and other solutions
with water.
The best penetrating oil
available to help losen rusty
bolts and many other uses.

Super Solve II
Stoddard solvent containing an
additive that allows faster cleaning.
Rinses easily with water.
Spray Gel
A synthetic multi-purpose lubricant that
penetrates and then quickly forms
a long-lasting protective gel.

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