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Hydraulic and Transmission Oils

Low Viscosity Multi-Purpose
Hydraulic & Wet Brake Oil
A thinner version of our standard
hydraulic/wet brake oil for use in
cold temperatures.
Tractor Hydraulic Oil 15-40
A thicker version of our standard
hydraulic/wet brake oil designed for
Deutz tractors

J-20C Oil
For use where John Deere J-20C,
J-20A, or 303 are recommended.
Hydraulic Oil
Formulated with heavy-duty,
anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-foam, and
 anti-oxidation additives.

TO-4 Oil
A heavy-duty transmission and
drive train oil exceeding the
requirements of Caterpillar TO-4,
TO-2, and Allison C-4, C-3
Hydrostatic Fluid
This high performance fluid provides
exellent long-life protection and superior
all-season weather performance in all
types of hydrostatic systems.

Hydra-Tran Torque Fluid
A heavy-duty, multi-functional power
transmission fluid that excels in a wide
variety of uses in heavy-duty machinery.
Sythetic Blend ATF
A high-performance, fully synthetic,
multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid
recommended in most North American,
Asian, and European automatic transmissions.

Automatic Transmission Fluid
For use where the following specification
fluids are recommended: Dexron II,
Pre-1992 Mercon, Dexron,
Type A, and Suffix A.
Ford Type F Transmission Fluid
For older Ford automatic transmissions
 requiring Type F fluid.

Specialty and Industrial Lubricants

L-P Gas Engine Oil
A heavy-duty designed to safely
withstand the high temperatures and
critical boundry lubricaton probleman
enngine experiences when burning
 LPG  or natural gas.
Rotary Pump Milking Machine Oil
Formulated for use in Surge, DeLaval
and othe rotary type pump milking
machines with higher anti-wear

All Purpose Two-Cycle Oil
A special lubricant formulated
for all sizes of two-cycle engines.
Designed to be premixd with the
\fuel or used in injection systems.
Bar and Chain Oil
A superior bar and chain oil formulated
 from 100% Pure Paraffin base oil,
EP additives, tacifier, and an additive to
inhibit 'gunk' from building up on the bar.

Steam Cylinder Oil
Designed for steam cylinders operating
at 75 to 175 PSI and temperatures
up to 400 degrees F.
Industrial Hydraulic Oil
A thermally stable anti-wear
hydraulic oil with anti-rust, anti-oxidation,
anti-foam additives.

Compressor Oil
A heat resistant compressor oil
for reciprocating, rotary, an centrifugal
Industrial Gear Lube
A long life, extreme pressure 100% Pure
Paraffin Base gear lubricant.

Way Lube
Eliminates stick-slip in machine
tool ways and slides. Fortified with
adhesion and extreme pressure
additives provide smooth operation.
Ferrous Cutting Oil
A mineral oil product filled with sulfur,
chlorine, and synthetic sperm oil
for machining steel and stainless steel.

Non-Ferrous Cutting Oil
A mineral oil product formulated
 with passive EP additives for machining
non-ferrous metals such as
aluminum, brass, bronze, and magnesium.
Worm Gear Oil
A premium worm gear oil with special
passive EP additives to reduce wear,
especially in bronze on steal worm gear sets.

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