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For nearly 100 years, Cen-Pe-Co (Central Petroleum Company) has manufactured the highest quality oil products and lubricants for heavy duty equipment on the market. Farmers, truckers, factory owners, construction contractors, and racing teams have depended on the quality and dependance of Cen-Pe-Co's wide selection of petroleum-based products for three generations.
We are proud to be your local Cen-Pe-Co sales representative to Blair, Bedford, Cambria, and Huntingdon counties, as well as the rest of Central PA. Below is information on the Cen-Pe-Co products we carry.

Cen-Pe-Co Engine Oils

   Cen-Pe-Co Engine Oils are used in everything from lawn tractors and out-board motors to bull dozers and combines. Over the years, customers have entrusted our oils to protect over $100 billion in equipment. The difference between our oil and that of the competition is the components. Cen-Pe-Co oils use only 100% paraffin base stocks; the highest quality crude available. The result? Longer time periods between oil changes (almost double the competition!), better fuel economy, less wear on engine parts, longer engine life, and less downtime.
   Cen-Pe-Co manufacters a wide variety of oil to meet your varied needs. Below is a list of the oil products available here at CLC through Cen-Pe-Co.

S-3 Engine Oil
A super high performance engine
oil for all types of diesel and
most gasoline engines. This is our
best-selling engine oil.

Synthetic Blend Oil
Formulated to provide superior
performance in cars and pick-up


Extreme Duty Oil
A high performance oil for engines
meeting 2007 on-road diesel
emissions requirements, all other heavy
duty diesel engines and gasoline engines.
Para-Synthetic Oil
A high performance oil for diesel
and gasoline engines, formulated with
 paraffin and synthetic base oils.
Provides easier cranking in cold

Multi-Purpose Hydraulic
and Wet Brake Oil
For use in numerous applications
in place of other recommended
hydraulic/wet brake oils.
Super Racing Oil
Designed for the extreme
sustained heat and loads of
racing and pulling engines at
all levels of competition.
(pictured below)

HPA Racing Oil
Contains our High Pressure
Additive for enhanced performance
in high viscosity grades.
Gard-N-Go Oil
An engine oil specifacally
designed for garden tractors
used in pulling competion.

Severe Service Oil
Especially formulated for gasoline
engines operating under severe
service conditions.
Super S-1 Oil
Meets and exceeds API Services
CD, CC, SE, SD, Supplement #1
Mil-L-2104B and Detriot low ash

RV Engine Oil
A motor oil designed for the special
needs of gasoline and pre-2007 diesel
Recreational Vehicles. Special rust inhibitor
 for protection during storage.
Antique Engine Oil
A motor oil formulated especially
for vintage automobiles, trucks, and
tractors. Meets and exceeds API SA.

Non-Detergent Oil
The finest heavy-duty
non-detergent lubricating oil made.

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