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Here at Cove Landscaping Center, we carry several pruducts from EdenPURE and other companies who manufacture air conditioners, air purifiers and water purifiers. These products are designed to improve the quality of your home atmosphere and improve your health, while being conscience of the enviroment.

   The Air Cooler PLUS uses new, green technology to run at just a few cents a day. In fact, the Air Cooler PLUS uses up to 95% less electricity than traditonal air conditioners. It uses gel ice packs and a HEPA air filter to cool air up to 20 degrees while purifying the air and not reducing humidity!
  • 2 Gel Packs
  • Water tank for additional humidity
  • HEPA Filter
  • 11" x 15" x 25"
  • 1 Year Warranty!

   The EdenPURE G7 Whole House Air Purifier is one of the most advanced and effective air purifiers on the market. Using a 4-mechanism system, the G7 removes pollution and odor, cleaning the air you breathe every day. The G7 is powerful enough to remove the effects of cigarette smoke, mildew and mold from not only the air, but your walls, carpets and other surfaces!
  • Capacity: 3000 square feet
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • 12.75" x 8" x 8.75"
  • Weight: 16lbs



The Eden PURE Area Air Purifier uses the same 4-mechanism technology that the G7 Whole House purifier uses, only this air purifier is smaller and is designed to purify a smaller area. This model is great for homes or buildings that have a concentrated area of pollution or odor.
  • Capacity: 1000 square feet
  • Wattage: 30-45
  • 11.5" x 12.75" x 6.5"
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty


  The RoomPURE One-Room Air Purifier is the ideal for those looking to improve the air quality of one room. It utilizes the same technology that the EdenPURE uses in their larger purifiers in a very small, portable unit that plug directly into a power outlet.

   Perfect for:

  • Closets
  • Changing Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Pet Areas
  • Storage Areas

   The EdenPURE AQUA 2000 uses five treatment methods to purify your water a 5 micron pre-filter, a UV light, and a second, 1 micron post filter. The system removes microorganisms, debris, and chlorine. Your water is purified using the best of technology just before it is poured out of the tap!
  • Flow Rate: .5 gallons per minute
  • Power: 110V AC, 20 Watts
  • Operating Pressure: 15 psi per minute
  • Filter Life: 1 year
  • Cost of Use: Approx. 4 cents per gallon

EdenPURE G7 Whole House Air Purifier
SALE!: $277.30
EdenPURE Area Air Purifier
EdenPURE Water Purifier

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